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About Us

All weddings are special, and every bride wants her wedding to reflect the joy that is uniquely hers. Be it simple or elaborate, the dynamics call for a more sophisticated approach from the preparation to the ceremony and the surrounding events is at hand. As a result, many brides seek to be unique and grace their wedding day embellished with accents of their individuality.

WOLFRAMWORKS VIDEOGRAPHY is dedicated to offer video coverage at its best, craving for perfection to deliver original motion picture in its finest. We value our work to treat every wedding that we shoot as if it were the most important event of the year because, to the bride and groom, that’s exactly what it is. We abreast ourselves to the latest trends in videography and continually invest in equipment and technology to produce quality video everytime.

The wedding day is a landmark occasion in a person’s life… a celebration of life and love. WOLFRAMWORKS VIDEOGRAPHY capture the atmosphere of the whole day, from the last minute preparations in the earlier time through to the emotion and happiness of the ceremony itself and finally the celebrations as the reception gives way to a party. Our job is to get the best out of people, capturing the fun and honest record of the day as it unfolds. In the end, we are just storyteller of how your wedding happened, through video, and relive your precious moments in a creative fashion.

For us, we consider it a great privilege to be able to shoot someone’s wedding simply because, it can be one of the most inspiring, motivating and creative assignments that a videographer can have.