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Mar 31

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Wedding: A Heart Story
Wolframworks Videography
Your heart story – our creativity!

“Love let us see normal things in an extraordinary way.”
- Author Unknown

Wedding is the symbol of the beginning of all things to come as a couple. It is one of the important transition in one’s life. It is a rite of passage.

A wedding day is an opportunity to profess one’s love and faith in front of God, families, relatives, and friends. Be it simple or elaborate, the dynamics call for a more sophisticated approach from the preparation to the ceremony and the surrounding events is at hand.

Wolframworks Videography is dedicated to offer video coverage at its best, craving for perfection to deliver original motion picture in its finest. We value our work to treat every wedding that we shoot as if it were the most important event of the year because, to the bride and groom, that’s exactly what it is. We abreast ourselves with the latest trends in videography and continually invest in equipment and technology to produce quality video everytime.

Dec 12

Christian Noel & Catherene

Mar 7

Van & Stella

Dec 20

Fernan James & Zyrah Kate

Feb 28

Olymer & Ronna Mae

Feb 10

Luis & Honey

Yu – Puerte Nuptial
February 08, 2015
San Lorenzo Ruiz Chinese-Filipino Community Church, Megaheights, Gusa, CDOC
Grand Caprice Restaurant, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City
Mallberry Suites Business Hotel, Florentino Street, Limketkai Center, CDOC

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