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An exciting Audio-Video Presentation (AVP) of the bride and groom in a scenic setting telling the story of their relationship. The video will be taken ahead of time and to be shown at the wedding reception.


A Same-Day Edit Video Presentation of what transpired on the wedding day, capturing bride and groom’s unique personality, as well as unexpected details during the preparation and ceremony, a great way of telling the love story in an artistic film-style editing that will make the wedding video a cinematic experience. The said video will be viewed during the reception.


A “Love Story” of the bride and groom presented in the style of music video, a wedding video you’ll love watching over and over again. It is composed of broadcast quality multi-camera setup capturing candid shots as the day unfolds. Majority of the footages will be impromptu and genuine, with an overall effect of capturing the spirit of the day.


A Documentary Presentation of the wedding video of the couple in a comprehensive, yet elegant and emotional wedding day recap. It is edited in mind to keep the bible reading, homily, vows, prayers, toast, speeches and advices intact and original, an innovative way of delivering a reality-based videography.